Skinner’s Butte Recreation Complex

Whenever the sun is shining, I feel obligated to play outside!― Charles M. Schulz

In the heart of Eugene, Ore., just a stone’s throw from the University of Oregon, is a large open space known as the Skinner’s Butte Recreation Complex. It is a large park made up of several major attractions: a park with hiking/biking trails, the Columns climbing area, and Skinner’s Butte Summit, to name a few.columns

Skinner’s Butte Park was dedicated in 1914, making it one of Eugene’s oldest parks. The beautiful Willamette River runs along the park, which has more than 100-acres of land. A great feature of Skinner’s Butte Park is it has a little of everything for everyone.

replicaHistory fans will enjoy the rich history of the site and enjoy the farmhouse replica at the park’s entrance, while Outdoor enthusiasts will find the trails and paths remarkably enjoyable. Those with kids will appreciate the park’s play structures and picnic areas; also, the park has a senior center on its campus.

Another major attraction is the climbing Columns of Skinner’s Butte. The climbing area is a 50′ vertical rock face on the western side of the complex. It’s a great place for people to get exposed to basic rock climbing or for people to hone their skills performing various maneuvers. Non-climbers will appreciate the rugged beauty of the Columns.

panoramaThe pentacle of Skinner’s Butte is its summit. With it’s near 360-degree view of the Emerald Valley, it offers great photographic opportunities for aspiring photographers or for people wanting breathtaking selfies. It’s a prefect place to relax, reflect, and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Eugene.

Skinner’s Butte Recreation Complex has nearly boundless opportunities. It’s a great place to enjoy nature, expose yourself to new experiences, or simply soak in the scenic beauty of the Emerald Valley.

Each attraction is easily accessible and is close to other interesting sites within or near the complex. The Skinner’s Butte area is a place a person can visit several times and not see all that this park offers.

Skinner’s Butte Park



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