Jackson Street Coffee

“As long as there [is] coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

img_3748A new coffeehouse recently opened in historic Downtown Roseburg. The business’s name is boldly spelled out using old style font, and its sidewalk sandwich board that colorfully declares the daily specials beckons of a bygone era. With the right breaks, Jackson Street Coffee may reinvigorate an area that’s been withering for years.

This particular area is the last block on Jackson Street’s historic downtown district. It doesn’t spark much interest because the Douglas County Courthouse is too far to generate much foot-traffic, and the businesses along this stretch don’t attract casual shoppers. The larges establishments on the block are Downtown Fitness & Aerobics and an Elk’s lodge. Both are membership driven with a large customer base, but neither inspires downtown spending.

Most businesses on the block are singularly focused on a particular good or service. Hanson Jewelers and the Hub Barbershop are perfect examples. They bring people into their establishments, but once a transaction is finished. The customer will leave the downtown district and may not return for an extended period.

There is a convenient store directly across for Jackson Street Coffee that does foster repeat business; however, mini-markets do not pull people from other parts of town to their location. They serve people already living and working in the area.

All the organizations listed above obviously serve their customers needs extremely well. However, by sheer nature of their business model, none of them are designed to bring impulse shoppers to the area. Owners and employees may recommend another downtown-based firm to their customers, but that’s about all they can do.

That’s where Jackson Street Coffee can make a difference. People who frequent coffeehouses tend to be vibrant shoppers who enjoy browsing various shops and making impulse purchases. And with the power of social media and the Internet, it is quite possible for a coffee-seller to reach potential customers well beyond the confines of a small neighborhood or district.

A Portland based Yelp reviewer wrote, “This is a great little coffee shop in Roseburg. I discovered it on a trip between Ashland and Portland….”The review illustrates that Jackson Street Coffee has already made an extremely positive impact for Roseburg’s downtown district.  With any luck, the “little coffee shop” will continue to appeal to travelers and get similar reviews by patrons.

IMG_3751Jackson Street Coffee’s owner embraces modern concepts Donutssuch as fair trade, sustainable living, and buying local. The menu reflects those values as well. Only coffees and teas from respectable companies, with a proven track record of corporate responsibility, are sold. The donuts are purchased from a local bakery chain founded in Roseburg, and sandwiches are handmade with ingredients coming from local sources. A northwest favorite, Mo’s clam chowder is also on tap.

A charming brick and mortar building houses Jackson Street Coffee. The lobby has beautifully designed wood chairs and tables throughout the shop and pays homage to its historical roots by showcasing vintage photos of downtown Roseburg. Modern comforts, such as Wi-Fi and a flat screen television, are also present. There are minor points that could be corrected, like more electrical outlets, but the coffeehouse’s ambiance makes up for any slight oversights.

If you’re passing through the area or just wanting to try a new venue, then Jackson Street Coffee is worth checking out. The proprietress does a great job of providing a comfortable atmosphere, and she makes drinks with the flare of an artful barista. It is definitely a nice place for people to chill out and enjoy themselves.IMG_3750

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