Christmas Flood 2015

Years of drought and famine come and years of flood and famine come, and the climate is not changed with dance, libation or prayer–John Wesley Powell

Nature has a perfect balance, an ebb and flow in all things. 2014 was a dry year, and now at the end of 2015, the pendulum is swinging the other way. Over the past couple of weeks, the Northwest has been under siege as a torrent of rain and snow pound the region.

People flocked to local flood zones to witness nature’s fury, or were  pleased to see fresh snow pack blanket the mountains. Sighs of relief were heard as people collectively exhaled as water levels rose back to normal.

But as storms brought treacherous conditions to the drought stricken region, the much-needed aqua-pura lost its appeal as the winter weather began to rear its ugly head.

Local rivers started swelling to flood stages and ground saturated by water triggered mudslides.

Earlier this month Oregon highway 38 was closed due to landslides and fallen trees, and on Christmas Eve the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Trip Check website updated its status about an indefinite closure due to a “large landslide [that] closed Oregon 42 to all traffic….”

Despite the dangerous conditions brought about by inclement weather, it is undeniable that these events capture people’s interest.

For instance, recent flooding in Roseburg drew hundreds of spectators to local parks and rivers to witness nature’s fury.

Below are some photos of the December 2015 flood’s raging waters.

It’s safe to say the citizens of Western Oregon will remember Christmas 2015 more for the sodden conditions than for the yuletide season.



Stewart Park Path






Umpqua Boat Landing (Completely Submerged



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