Roseburg’s Overlooked Park: Micelli Park

Micelli Park SignIt could be a walk in the park, it could be a ride on your bicycle. It does not have to be an organized team activity… Be as creative as you want, but find a way to get your exercise in.–Ron Jaworski

For most people living in the Roseburg, Ore. area, Micelli Park is often overlooked. The reasons may be due to its obscure location or because it is located in what is traditionally considered a sketchy part of town. In either case, it’s a shame because it is a beautiful park with a lot to offer.IMG_3127

Micelli Park rests on six-acres of open-space that overlooks the beautiful South Umpqua River. Its campus houses a baseball diamond and a large grass field for various recreational activities. The park’s Northwest corner also provides a nice play area for kids.  IMG_3120

Other amenities include paved parking, clean restrooms, beautiful landscaping, and picnic tables sprinkled throughout its grounds.

IMG_3117-0Despite having a venue that is considered obscure or sketchy, Micellin Park’s location has some advantages. For example, park goers can take a short walk to a spacious dog park or explore the trails that run along the South Umpqua River’s bank. There is also a boat landing nearby and plenty of places to fish.

Whether a person wants to have a picnic, get some exercise, explore nature, fish or play games with her children, Micelli Park has something for people to enjoy. A Crow’s View encourages people to checkout this park.


Micelli Park

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