The Pacific Northwest: Sights Around Oregon

“Rain in the Northwest is not the pounding, flashing performance enjoyed by the eastern part of the nation. Nor is it the festive annual soaking I’d been used to in Southern California. Rather, it’s a seven-month drizzle that darkens the sky, mildews the bath towels, and propels those already prone to depression into the dim comforts of antihistamines and a flask.” ― Melissa Hart

The State of Oregon is often overshadowed by Mt. Hood, Crater Lake, and Multnomah Falls, not to mention its climate. Outside of those four factors, most people know very little about this state, and that is truly a shame because Oregon has mild summers and stellar scenic beauty throughout its boarders.

Below is a list A Crow’s View suggests travelers should visit, many of which are somewhat obscure.

1) The Painted Hills; John Day, Ore.IMG_1503


2) Wreck of the Peter Iredale near Astoria, Ore.IMG_1612


3) The end of The Lewis & Clark Trail; Seaside, Ore.

IMG_15284) Table Top Rock Trail & Summit; Rogue River, Ore.


5) The North Umpqua Trial; Idleyld Park, Ore.

IMG_2411FullSizeRender-4The preceding list is obviously short and missing some fantastic destinations. This post’s purpose is to tantalize readers and to give them something to think about when visiting Oregon; it also serves to kick off a new series about the Pacific Northwest.

Future posts will have in-depth information about the locations listed above and features discussing other great places to explore throughout the Pacific Northwest.

In the mean time, the links below will serve as excellent portals to learn more about these destinations.

Happy Travels!

Painted HIlls

Pete Iredale Wreck

Lewis & Clark Trail

Table Top Rock

North Umpqua Trail


One comment

  1. What a great list! The Painted Hills are so far from just about everywhere, but I finally made the trip last year (after many years living in western Oregon), and I’m so glad I did. I look forward to further exploration.

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