Discovering Roseburg’s Discovery Garden

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”―Erol Ozan

IMG_1889On the outskirts of Roseburg lies a beautiful attraction that escapes most people’s detect. Ironically, hundreds of people will pass it twice daily while visiting one of the city’s biggest draws: River Forks Park.

Upon first glance, Discovery Garden appears to be a small private garden, which is probably the reason most people miss it. But observant drivers will notice that’s not the case and stop in.

Those attentive drivers who decide to check it out will be treated to top-notch garden designs and spectacular floral views, and in the process find the prefect place to read a book, contemplate life, or soak up the ambiance.

Discovery Garden was established in 1999. It is maintained by community donations and volunteer master gardeners. The Oregon State University Extension Master Gardeners also provide research-based instruction in gardening techniques.

Visitors of Discovery Garden are treated to several cultural gardening styles within its confines. A Japanese garden, a rock garden, a functioning herb garden and more are a short stroll from each other. Chances are you will be impressed with a number of displays.

The garden isn’t just for adults; kids will enjoy Discovery Garden too. Its Children’s Garden features a human sundial, hopscotch, a Clematis Archway and a hiding mulberry tree with a peek-a-boo fence. These interactive child-themed displays, along with other kid-friendly sculptures, will unquestionably become favorites for young families.

Discovery Gardens’ mission is “to enhance and preserve the beauty and quality of the environment by using sustainable gardening practices, and to inspire and educate others.” It is the opinion of A Crow’s View that Discovery Garden exceeds that goal. The photos below are a small sample of the sights that awaits future visitors.

IMG_1920 IMG_1921IMG_1892 IMG_1893 IMG_1891IMG_2039IMG_1918IMG_1924 IMG_2034

IMG_2035IMG_2025IMG_2033IMG_2036 TripAdvisor Discovery Garden

OSU Extension Discovery Garden


Yelp Review


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