Singleton Park: Rising From The Shadows

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin ­–William Shakespeare

Singleton Park is often overshadowed by the much larger River Forks Park, which is located directly across the Umpqua River. That’s unfortunate because Singleton Park is a beautiful site.

Unlike River Forks Park, which draws huge crowds due to its child-friendly play structures and large open spaces, Singleton Park remains somewhat obscure. In fact, many locals aren’t aware of this little park; however, Singleton Park is a sparkling gem that has its own charm which people should be made aware.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 10.26.01 PM

Photo Courtesy of Douglas County Parks

The park has a nice, very clean, pavilion that is perfect for picnics or large gatherings; such as, baby Picnic Setshowers, family reunions, and birthdays. The pavilion can easily hold 35 people (more if you fill the five picnic tables inside to their capacity), has electric power, running water, a fire place, and it is wheel chair accessible.

An added bonus is that the pavilion has a great view. It overlooks the tail end of the North Umpqua River before it collides with the South Umpqua River to form the Mighty Umpqua. Amazingly, the pavilion is usually unoccupied a majority of the time.

PIcnic TablesDuring the early years of Singleton Park’s existence, the park was a place for adults to assemble in order to escape the crowds of River Forks Park. For children, Singleton Park was a place to avoid. Without any amenities, children would either stand at the river’s edge watching people on the other side of the Umpqua enjoy themselves or, for the older kids, walk upstream and wade across the river to join them.

Unlike those early days, Singleton Park’s recent changes have dragged it from the shadow of the much-celebrated River Forks Park. Today, Singleton Park has plenty of family-friendly amenities throughout the grounds; a kiddie swing set with a slide, a tetherball pole, duel volleyball courts, and two hand-swing sets (small and large). Picnic tables and grills are also peppered throughout the park too.

Singleton Park’s location is also a huge advantage. Park goers can choose to swim in either the South Umpqua or North Umpqua rivers, or they could swim dead center in the confluence where the two mighty rivers meet.

If swimming isn’t your thing, then Singleton Park can offer picturesque views of the two rivers and the verdant flora that encompasses the property. The park is home to a lush myrtlewood grove that towers above the grounds providing shade to the park and its pavilion. The tree’s presence creates a natural beauty that will surely please any photographers and nature enthusiasts who are looking for their muse.

This once overshadowed park is slowly gaining a following. Singleton Park will never be as big as its counterpart across the Mighty Umpqua River, but its recreational potential is just as great.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 10.26.01 PM

Douglas County Park Pavilions

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