Raging Water!

Water is the driving force of all nature–Leonardo da Vinci

Nature captivates us in many forms, from its majestic views to its destructive power; people of all strides appreciate its brilliance and dominance over our everyday lives.

On this first day of winter, Mother Nature’s fury is in full force. Her awesome power is manifest when she unleashes her raw power on one of her most majestic sites: the North Umpqua River.

IMG_1015After only a few days of rain, the pacific northwest river is on the verge of cresting. Logs and other debris are no match as the mighty river sweeps away obstacles in its path on its way towards the ocean.

A treacherous series of undertows and rapids are created from the water’s force as it crashes over a dam. It’s so powerful that logs caught in its turbulence are easily upended and tossed about.IMG_1145

A hilltop that overlooks the Umpqua Dam and Fish Ladder is peppered with spectators taking in nature’s display of savagery. Sounds of cheers and gasps are prevalent as the raging water violently churns in on itself and pounds the bank.

IMG_1147As the sun sets, it obscures much of the water’s destructive force and rising levels, but it’s a sure bet that people will gather tomorrow to witness nature’s rage.



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