Eugene Skydivers: Six-Month Milestone Reached

“It’s taken longer than I would have thought. I guess it’s a milestone, but I wish it happened earlier than it did.”–Dan Callahan

The six-month milestone marking the return of skydiving onto the Creswell Airport was reached over the weekend of August 22-24. Urban Moore (owner of Eugene Skydivers) and the City of Creswell agreed to an out-of-court settlement in January of this year. The agreement quickly brought an end to a prolonged legal battle between the two sides, which flared up in August 2006, and paved the way for skydivers to resume landing on a strip of land adjacent to the Creswell Airport on February 22.RonnwkimBradlanding

With the settlement in place, a constructive relationship developed between Moore and the City of Creswell. “I’ve been pleased, overall, with several people in city government for working in good faith to keep the city in compliance with the agreement,” states Moore. “2014 has been a relatively hassle free year.” The newly forged relationship appears reciprocal. Mayor Dave Stram declined to comment directly on the six-month milestone; however, he did congratulate Moore on this achievement, which is a stark contrast to the acrimony of past administrations.

Besides illustrating an improved relationship, the six-month milestone shows an increased ability for Eugene Skydivers to better serve its customers and to provide an enhanced skydiving experience for its students and spectators. “The sport of skydiving is a convivial activity, particularly for students,” Moore continues. “Students jumping with us now can bring a cheering section along to watch them exit the plane and land across the runway from our hangar.”

ElvisesPlaneTo celebrate the milestone Moore and his crew spent the weekend training students for their first skydive, while the experienced skydivers either preformed routine fun jumps or practiced for an exhibition skydive into Cresfest–a local celebration held on private property. “We put jumpers into Cresfest every year, but this year it seems more electric since we have more experienced jumpers showing up to skydive or to practice their demo jumps here at the airport,” states long time parachute packer April Dummert. The general consensus among the skydiving community is that landing on the airport during the last six-month has added a social dynamic that’s been missing for eight-years.

About Eugene Skydivers20130513-073807.jpg

Eugene Skydivers opened for business in February 1992 and has operated continuously from the Creswell Airport. In August 2006 a dispute over landing rights forced skydivers to land off-site. The issue was resolved in February 2014. During the last 22-years, Eugene Skydivers trained world-class skydivers, performed professional exhibition skydives, and hosted a successful 1998 Oregon State skydiving record. It is estimated that more than 73,000 skydives have been performed since operations began. Business hours are Thursday thru Sunday and by appointment.

Eugene Skydivers

Eugene Skydivers: News Release-Six-Month Milestone


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