Netflix Gains Legitimacy….Again

Let's be honest, Netflix has stepped up its game up. It seems to have a lot more of an assortment of stuff–Tony Oller

netflixLast year Netflix’s original series House of Cards won three Emmys, including one for director David Fincher. This year could be an even bigger year for the video-streaming firm.

Netflix received 31 nominations, with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black receiving more than 10 each. Many of the nominations are in major categories such as Outstanding Actor and Actress In A Drama Series (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright), Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series (Taylor Schilling), and Outstanding Drama Series (House of Cards).house-of-cards-final-poster

Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, stated, “Our brand at Netflix is really focused on movies and TV shows.” Based on the recent successes his strategy is paying off because no other online video distributors, Hulu and Amazon, have received any nominations.orange_is_the_new_black

A Crow’s View has commented on Netflix’s success before (Hemlock Grove Paradigm Shift) and believes that if the streaming giant has a big night at this year’s Emmy Awards. Then look for other entertainment outlets to follow Netflix’s template for success.

For now it’s safe to say that Netflix has gained the respect of Hollywood and, in turn, legitimacy of its programing. Furthermore, the recognition of its high quality shows, which is equal to what broadcast and network television offers, may again shift the entertainment paradigm.


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