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This is an important topic that is relevant to all aviation activities. I am reblogging it to share with everyone.

USPA HQ Blog Central

You don’t need to be either a pilot or a skydiver to be gripped by the dramatic photos of the recent in-air collision between a departing single-engine airplane and a landing skydiver. The series of photos shows the airplane’s right wing snagging the parachute lines just as the skydiver was preparing to touch down. The jumper was thrown for a vicious loop, and the airplane impacted nose-first and was substantially damaged. Miraculously the pilot and the skydiver received only minor injuries. The sensational photos went viral, and the media propagated the story, demanding to know what happened and who was at fault. And across the country, airport managers sought out their drop zone operators to reassess how to ensure that pilots and skydivers avoid each other.

The truth is that collisions between airplanes and skydivers in the airport environment are extremely rare, occurring less than a handful of times over…

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