Marvels of Modern Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.-Arthur C. Clarke

The rapid advancement of technology has allowed virtually anyone to create stunning multimedia projects. What any weekend hobbyist can accomplish with a simple camera, home computer, and an app is amazing. The fact that , in many cases, people will make their projects using basic smart phones or tablets is “indistinguishable from magic.”

The stunning aspect of the rise in multimedia production is the relatively low costs associated with a project’s production, and the high quality of the finished project. A Crow’s View did a quick scour of the Net and found multimedia projects done by nonprofessionals that rival professionally produced work. Here are my favorite examples: Gangnam Style and a parody Gangnam Style Duck.

It’s obvious the student-driven parody doesn’t have the budget nor the resources to match Psy’s video, but what they accomplished with just an iPad, iPhone, and the iMovie app is nothing short of incredible. Keep in mind the students probably produced their video over a single weekend, while the original was (most likely) done over several weeks, and it involved hundreds of professionals at all phases of production.

The student-driven parody inspired A Crow’s View to do a multimedia project too. This video was slapped together in about 30-minutes using a camera, iPad, and a laptop: April’s Jump.

As technology advances, I’m sure we will see better quality projects produced on even amazingly smaller and more portable devices. It really is marvelous what technology can allow people to do. In fact, this entire post was created on an iPad mini.


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