Snow Day!

A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder.–Susan Orlean

IMG_0180Weather conditions can be fun and enjoyable. It presents a chance for many people to take a day off, have a warm beverage, and enjoy one of natures wonders: a snow day.

The frigid temperatures offers a moment for people to step outside and explore a winter wonderland. The outdoors looks fresh, new, and crisp. This new world is a playground where adults and children can recess from the daily grind. A snow day can really seem magical. IMG_0183

On the flip side, there is the unenviable task of meeting one’s responsibilities during inclement weather. This usually leads to facing the fury of Mother Nature by trying to commute in these conditions.

When people are confronted with driving in icy conditions; their view of a snow day immediately changes. Experiencing road delays and closures are infuriating. The temporary loss of control from an unexpected skid raises the fear level, and when a major accident is witnessed. The reality of nature’s power smacks us in the face.

IMG_0194If you must venture out. Do so with extreme caution.IMG_0193


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