Hemlock Grove: Paradigm Shift


“This is a new paradigm in information in an emerging market.”Tony White

In today’s world we want instant gratification. Whether it is dinning out, banking, or simply seeking information. We want to finish a task then netflixmove on. This loathing of waiting for fulfillment is taking another leap forward. Now we can add serial entertainment to the list. The on-demand society is evolving and it appears that Netflix is leading the charge.

Over the weekend, Netflix released an original series, Hemlock Grove, exclusively to its subscribers. This series is the second of Netflix’s original productions. The first was the critically acclaimed House of Cards, staring Kevin Spacey.

house-of-cards-final-posterRegardless of the ratings or acclaim, the point to take from Netflix foray into movie making is the instant gratification it provides. Unlike HBO, AMC, or other network superstations, Netflix releases an entire season at one time. Now, subscribers can watch an entire season at their leisure.

This type of on-demand viewing is an aspect that the superstations can’t match; furthermore, this concept of “dumping” seasons will raise the bar for episodic television in today’s society.

It is unclear if Netflix experiment in original programing is a successful strategy or not, but the genie is out of the bottle. Whether Netflix model of “dumping” entire seasons for instant viewing is a winner or not, it is a certainty that others will pick up on this idea and make it successful.

The good news for Netflix is that early reports indicate support for Hemlock Grove is high, despite poor reviews from experts. The acting, scenes, and soundtrack quality did garner some accolades from several quarters in the media, so there is some validation so far.

Not to long ago late fees and driving to rent movies was a part of life. That has all changed and Netflix is a big reason why. Will waiting week-to-week to watch a season of episodic programing be changed? I don’t know, but based on Netflix history of shifting paradigms; it is a good bet that this company will do it again.






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