Pope Francis: A new era

An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.Pope John Paul II

I’m not catholic, but I do find it interesting when a new person ascends to the throne of the Catholic Church. The rituals and customs of the selection are fascinating. A new Pope brings a new seal and most likely a new direction. It will be interesting to see where Pope Francis will take the 1.2 billion believers.

The election of Pope Francis provided lots of fodder for the TV viewing audience. It’s hard to believe that in a secular world this process dominated the media the way it did. I can only conclude that the Catholic Church is still relevant and going strong after 2000 years and 266 different pontiffs. The Pope and the seal may change, but the church’s message remains the same. It’s no wonder that the catholic church has endured as long as it has.

One word of caution. The Catholic hierarchy needs to address the recent scandals in a manner far different than the papal conclave. The process needs to be transparent and quick. Hopefully the new Pope, who cherishes the poor and disenfranchised the way Cardinal  Bergoglio did, will translate into action. If the new Pope deracinates the corrupt priests and cardinals who protected the perpetrators of children, then his accession to the popacy will truly be worthy of worldwide adoration.



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